NSK | GRS Item #002-910-EVO
NSK Emax EVOlution Standard Set with Lever Type Handpiece, 120 V

The NSK Emax EVOlution features a brushless motor system for smooth and quiet operation with surprising torque and vibration-free rotation. This system maintains constant speeds even under load — and an electronic breaker shuts off the motor for protection in the event of an overload. The control unit features a 4.75" diameter Speed Control Volume dial with a digital Motor Speed Display, a color-coded Load Meter, and Memory Speed Function. 120 Volt model.

5 available (can be backordered)

Power, Control, and Quiet Operation

Top Features

Maintains constant speeds even under load

Smooth and quiet operation for precision work

Vibration-free rotation work in forward or reverse


8.2 lbs

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