More than a classroom

The GRS Training
Center Facility

Our Mission.

To advance the skills of engravers, stone setters, and other artists so that these fields not only stay alive, but THRIVE in our fast-paced modern culture.

Less than 50 years ago, the field of traditional engraving seemed to be coming to an end. Like many specialized trades, engravers and stone setters were secretive about techniques. Becoming a quality professional took more than half a lifetime.

All that has changed. Now you can learn in days what once took years.

What’s the secret? GRS provides a friendly environment with personal access to the best tools and the best instructors.

Because the engravers and stone setters of today see the value of passing on this trade to the next generation, you can learn from top professionals who are active in their fields. GRSTC instructors share a combined 164 years of teaching experience. These pros are passionate – and they want to see you succeed. Learn to engrave, set stones, and more at the GRS Training Center in Emporia, Kansas. Instead of spending years learning to engrave, you can get started in days.

Our training center.

Engraving and stone setting courses are available in many areas such as single point, bright cut, and micro-pavé!

Each classroom at the GRS Training Center is fully equipped for twelve students and an instructor.

Detailed Explanations

5 55-inch televisions are located around the classroom, allowing you to see what the instructor sees through the microscope. This is helpful for explaining in-depth techniques in great detail.

State-of-the-art Equipment

In addition to benches fully-equipped with GRS tools, each classroom has copiers, grinding stations, light tables, and more are available to help meet the demands of each class.
Our third classroom features new Jura benches, 2 large fabrication areas, a 50-ton press, 4 soldering stations, polishing equipment, pulse arc welding system, and more.

Relaxing Common Area

A common area with snacks, coffee, a refrigerator, and vending machines makes for a great place to take a break.

Fully-equipped student bench.

Each bench at the GRS Training Center is outfitted with every tool needed to get you started. Depending on your instructor, some of these items could be different and, at times, some benches may have additional equipment.

What's on your bench?

2024 Course enrollment is now open!