Four-Year Degree

Engraving Arts Program

Looking for more than a 5-day course in hand engraving?

Emporia State University Has What You Need.

Discover a unique 4-year degree program in Emporia, Kansas.

Did you know you can go beyond five-day training with a full four-year degree program at Emporia State University? We helped to start this program in 2006 — and you won’t find one like it at any other accredited university!

What can I expect from my engraving arts classes?

You can expect to learn traditional techniques for hand engraving in a way that helps you create a personal style for your art.

With each project, expect to push your new skills to the next level. Students are encouraged to look for innovative and new ways to express metal engraving, so projects often go beyond the boundaries of traditional applications.

What is the goal of this program?

These courses in hand engraving look to expand the definition of hand engraving. Exploration into hand fabrication, conceptual development, and hybrid techniques broaden the ability of each student as he or she learns new engraving skills.

Students are motivated to research and innovate, finding useful applications in similar studies such as ceramics, printmaking, sculpting, metalwork, and painting.

What type of classes will I take?

As an art major with a concentration in engraving, courses include art history, basic to advanced drawing and design, and introductory studio classes. Engraving arts range from beginner to advanced studio classes, with a course focused solely on project creation and completion.

Ready to get started?

Like the GRS Training Center, ESU encourages personal learning experiences through small, student-centered classes.

With expertise in printmaking, ceramics, glass forming, graphic design, painting, sculpture, photography, and engraving arts, ESU professors are nationally and internationally recognized artists.

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