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About Counterfeits

Warning: GRS tools and equipment are often copied by unauthorized companies outside the USA. These fraudulent products are generally of lower quality, materials, and build, so performance and product life will not be as expected.

Many of our component parts are either made in our manufacturing facility or by other American companies. When purchasing GRS products, authorized dealers and buying direct are the best options.

All GRS engraving systems and workholding tools are manufactured in the United States of America at the GRS Manufacturing Facility in Emporia, Kansas.

Tips to avoid buying fake GRS products

If the price seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Fraudulent sellers may claim the products are legitimate and may even steal digital photos from the websites of GRS or authorized dealers to use in listings.

Avoid sellers who use “factory direct pricing” in a product listing.

Beware of other suspicious wording, such as “products may vary in appearance.”

The authorized GRS dealer in China does not sell or ship to the USA.

How to Tell if a Product is Fraudulent

When the product arrives, closely compare details such as color, materials used, and logos with photos on the GRS website or that of an authorized dealer.

Fake products can be hard to spot. When in doubt, give us a call at 800-835-3519.

Reasons to Avoid Counterfeit GRS Products

Counterfeit products may be dangerous to operate. Cheap components and materials may present work hazards including exposure to unsafe chemicals and risk of fire.

Low quality materials and assembly may cause damage to workpieces.

Purchasing fraudulent products inadvertently supports criminal activity.

The low cost does not outweigh the quality and life of the counterfeit item; it is better to begin with a hammer and chisel or hand push methods than to waste resources on fraudulent equipment.

Most Commonly Counterfeited GRS Products

Engraving systems — Fraudulent products include the Craver Helper, Graver, Graver Helper, Maxset, and DZQ. These are not legitimate GRS products.

Vises and blocks — materials and quality often differ greatly.

GRS Attachment Sets for blocks and vises

Acrobat microscope stands — Fraudulent products include the Maxset.

View a full list of our current international authorized dealers or call 800-835-3519 / +1-620-343-1084. USA customers can order directly from GRS on our website, over the phone, via fax, or through postal mail.



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