GRS Training

More than a Classroom.

The GRS Training Center is more than a classroom where innovative techniques are shared. It is the beginning of new friendships, an invigorating setting for artistic achievement, and a significant part of your creative journey.

No other learning experiences or jewelry making classes provide the same opportunity and guidance. For over 20 years, GRS has pioneered and constantly improved this unique training. Each instructor is chosen for their ability to help you learn more in far less time.

Our training center.

The Training Center itself is uniquely designed for individual attention in an enjoyable, small-group environment.

Whether you are starting a new business, career, or adding a distinctive and rewarding skill, the GRS Training Center is truly the destination for learning. Here, you’re part of something special.

World-Class Instructor

Start learning the basics with a world-class instructor who will give you the foundation needed to start a new hobby or career.

Strengthen Your Skillset

Continue your learning path and add to your skillset with intermediate hand engraving, jewelry, or stone setting courses.

Advanced Courses

Add new depth to your skillset by refining details with an advanced course.

2024 Course enrollment is now open!




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