GRS Apex® Sharpening | GRS Item #003-762
GRS Apex® Speedline Dial Set

Add Speedline Dials to the GRS Apex® Dual Angle Fixture for quicker sharpening of the three most popular graver angles. Each Speedline Dial is clearly marked for simple step-by-step sharpening.

2 available (can be backordered)


  • Sharpen faster with step-by-step marked angles
  • Creates efficient repeatability
  • Easy for beginners, fast for advanced users



Manuals & Docs

Apex Sharpening System Instructions

Instructions and parts list for the Apex Sharpening System, parts, and accessories. Product(s): 003-765, 003-765-220, 003-761, 003-438, 003-759, 003-760, 003-762, 003-800 — For Postal Mail, Request Document: LIT-434

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