GlenSteel Parallel Flat
GlenSteel® Parallel Flat

This GlenSteel Parallel Flat has a rounded top, parallel sides, and a flat tool bottom. A Parallel Flat works well for background removal, plain or stylized borders, bright cutting, lettering script, and wriggle cuts. Length: 2.3" (58.42 mm). Diameter: 0.125" (3.175 mm). This graver features two flat alignment areas on the shank for quick orientation in a QC Tool Holder. The set screws on GRS QC Tool Holders will contact the flat spots of the graver, ensuring that the graver is loaded accurately. Use with QC Tool Holder for 1/8" Round (#004-873).

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  • Can be used as is or customized
  • Cobalt-free high-speed steel
  • Perfect for background removal, borders, bright cutting, lettering script, and wriggle cuts

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