Diamond Spray | GRS Item #002-753
Diamond Spray, 1/2 Micron (Fine)

For use with Ceramic Lap (#002-415), Cast Iron Lap (#002-412), and other surfaces, this atomized spray bottle contains 2 fluid ounces of diamond spray. Please note: All diamond spray shipped by Air Freight will be non-flammable. Item number will end with "NF."

84 available (can be backordered)


  • Improves surface polishing ability to a fine finish
  • For use with the GRS ceramic and cast iron laps
  • Atomized spray bottle allows for easy application


0.18 lbs

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheet: Spray Diamond (Alcohol-Based)

Safety Data Sheet for Spray Diamond (Alcohol-Based). Product(s): 002-752, 002-753, 002-754, 002-755, 002-817, 001-782-1/4, 001-782-1/2, 001-782-1, 001-782-3 — For Postal Mail, Request Document: LIT-SDS-013

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