Jeremiah is entering his 48th year as both a saddlemaker and silversmith and has been self-employed for 35 of those years.

Within two years of when Jeremiah began his craft as a saddle maker, he began adding silversmithing and the metal skills of a bit and spur maker to his skills.

Apart from a nearly eight-year apprenticeship as a saddle maker, Jeremiah is self-taught in all other skills acquired. Jeremiah and his wife Colleen spent five years working on remote chuckwagon jobs on various ranches across the West. One of Jeremiah’s beliefs is that no skill is complete without the knowledge gained from using and testing the gear that you put your name on.

Today, while Jeremiah has closed his custom saddle order book, he remains active with a saddlery hardware business as well as a tool, commercial bit, and spur business. He enjoys teaching and sharing with those who love to learn. He is a new “Grandpa” and thoroughly enjoys the role and can’t wait for more grandkids. Cycling, especially distance cycling and wild camping have become an avid passion, usually making one long trip every other year.

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