Grand Masters Program®

2023 Grand Masters Program announcement coming soon!

Few Opportunities in Life Provide True Lasting Inspiration and Maximize Creativity.

Bringing together two Grand Masters and 24 serious artists, GRS hopes to create an ideal environment for inspiration, collaboration, and betterment of the arts.

A Grand Masters workshop is a true investment in your craft; participation in this experience will impact the level of skill and technique for each attendee. You DO NOT need to be of master level to apply—just to have proficient skills and a strong desire to learn from the best. All submissions are confidential.

The program spans 10 workshop days, with a weekend of collaboration and relaxation for attendees and guests.

Meet our Grand Masters

Through the years, some of the world’s greatest engravers and jewelers have come to the GRS Training Center to share their knowledge during the Grand Masters Program.

Winston Churchill

2005, 2007


Ron Smith



Creative Art (Giacomo Fausti, Giovanni Steduto, and Ugo Talenti)



Ken Hunt



Philippe Grifnée



Alain Lovenberg

2008, 2011, 2012, 2017


Alexandre Sidorov

2009, 2011, 2012, 2017


Martin Strolz



Sam Alfano



Mike Dubber


The Approval Process

After the closing for receipt of applications, all candidates’ photos will be reviewed to remove any names or other identifying marks. Each application portfolio will then be assigned a number known only to GRS management.

Photos will be sent to the Grand Masters, who will select twelve attendees based entirely on the work shown in the photos. Three alternates will also be selected to cover possible cancellations. Applications are kept confidential to ensure selections are unbiased.

2023 Grand Masters Program announcement coming soon!