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QC Advanced Set with MicroBlock®
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The Advanced Set is the most complete workholding system on the market. Jura has designed workholding solutions for almost any job. This system saves the user from the time and frustration of figuring out how to properly hold a piece for setting or jewelry engraving. In addition to workholding solutions, this set includes a variety of useful accessories. The hand chucks are perfect for use with beading tools, burnishers, bead splitters and more. The digital divider and ceramic scribe are useful for precision layout. Tweezers and a carbide pick are great accessories that will serve many purposes in your daily work.

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The Most Complete Workholding System on the Market

Solutions for almost any job.

Top Features

Workholding solutions for almost any job

Includes a variety of useful accessories

Increase efficiency with quick-change fixtures


  • Designed by world-renowned stonesetter Jura
  • QC Fixture system with a versatile set of clamps
  • Horizontal ring holder has an independent locking system that allows separate tension adjustments for the collet and the rotation of the ring
  • Clamps can be customized with Thermo-Loc® for production-style setting
  • Includes a vareity of useful accessories


Shipping Weight
10.022 lb
In the Box
MicroBlock® w/ Jura Master Jaws
Small Vise Base
Jura Must Have 5 mm Hex Key
Horizontal Inside Ring Holder
Vertical Inside Ring Holder
10 Plastic Collets
Flat Clamps with Groove
Outside Ring Holder
6 mm Cylinder Top
10 mm Cylinder Top
20 mm Round Top
20 mm Straight Top
40 mm Straight Top
Engravers Clamps with 2.34 mm Holes
Thermo-Loc® Engravers Clamps
Shellac Plate
Thermo-Loc Cylinder
Shellac Cylinder
Tapered Point Holders
Tapered Ball Holders
Drill Head Holder
10 Hand Chucks
Digital Divider
Ceramic Scribe
Carbide Pick
Shipping Dimensions
11.75" x 11.25" x 6.75"

Manuals & Docs

QC Advanced Set

Product(s): 500-517 — For Postal Mail, Request Document: LIT-492

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