Jura Must-haves | GRS Item #502-513
Jura Sharpening System for Roughing Gravers

This fixture set allows you to quickly rough out the shape of gravers on a bench grinder. The fixtures have holes on both ends—one fits 3/32" (2.35 mm) gravers, and the other is for 1/8" (3.17 mm) gravers. 

Compatible with Baldor 712 Grinder. May also fit around other grinders with 6-inch wheels and 2.35” (60 mm) wide wheel guards.

These fixtures do not shape the face or heels of a graver. Shape the face and heels with rotary handpiece diamond wheels (#023-123, #023-122, #023-120, sold separately).

3 available


Shipping Weight
2.954 lb
Shipping Dimensions
7.25" x 5.25" x 4.25"

Manuals & Docs

Jura Sharpening System

Product(s): 502-513 — For Postal Mail, Request Document: LIT-507

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