Metal Engraving
Intermediate Tricks of the Trade

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Jeff Parke
2020 Date(s)
Metal Engraving, Jewelry
Skill Level
Enrollment Type
Open, with approval


This course is designed to share some of the most efficient techniques in the trade. Over many years of work, Jeff has developed time-saving tips and tricks to take you to the next level. Students will learn multiple transfer methods, how to mirror images, discussion on how to price work, and much more. Jeff will also share information on his techniques for his world-renowned gold inlay, shading, and 3D illusions. This class is ideal for artists who are proficient in sharpening and the basics of cutting with pneumatic tools.


  • Re-introduction of equipment & tools
  • Refresher on tool preparation including accurate sharpening and polishing
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Gold inlay
  • Transfer techniques
  • Mirror imaging
  • Shading
  • Creating depth
  • 3D illusions
  • Pricing your work
  • Blackening work

Class Project(s)

Key tag or pendant.


Completion of a GRS Basic Metal Engraving course or instructor approval is required, as well as an understanding of proper tool sharpening and basic engraving techniques.



Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.

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