Metal Engraving
Decorative Setting & Engraving

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Todd Daniels
2020 Date(s)
Metal Engraving, Jewelry
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Open, with approval


Designing unique eye-catching pieces that are viewed as a work of art will help you create a look that will stand out among the masses and help you define your place in the market. Combining innovative engraving techniques with some of the most popular stone setting styles will make your pieces truly one of a kind. Todd will teach you how to merge these two art forms into a cutting edge skill set so that you can immediately begin to transform your jewelry designs into individual works of art.


  • Overview of tools used for stone setting and engraving
  • Design and create new specialized tools for unique cuts
  • Layout methods to achieve greater end results
  • Combine bead and bright cut stone setting techniques with popular engraving styles such as bright cut and line engraving
  • Using line engraving for effective detailing to achieve greater contrast of light/dark, textures and shapes
  • Combine geometric and organic motifs for artistic contrast
  • Use of engraved and stone set borders as an artistic frame
  • Small scale engraving for real world applications
  • Millgrained edges
  • Executing designs in various metals
  • Effective polishing and finishing procedures

Class Project(s)



Completion of a GRS intermediate level engraving course and knowledge of basic stone setting techniques or instructor approval is required, as well as an understanding of proper tool sharpening and use of pneumatic engraving equipment.



Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.

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