Metal Engraving
Advanced Stone Setting

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Todd Daniels
2020 Date(s)
Metal Engraving, Jewelry
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Open, with approval


This course is designed to provide in-depth instruction on critical components of professional diamond setting techniques. The course material concentrates on perfecting bead and bright cut procedures and successfully utilizing them in other advanced stone setting applications. Students use a combination of power‑assisted tools, a microscope, and various hand-created implements combined with setting procedures gathered from around the world to achieve superior end results.


  • Creating specialized tools and the use of gravers and special geometries
  • The use of various fixtures and materials for workholding
  • Workstation layout
  • How to create a flawless polish on gravers to achieve exceptional bright cuts
  • How to avoid tool breakage
  • Tips for quickly modifying tools to maintain optimal performance
  • Microscope use for superior end results
  • Use of carbide versus high-speed steel (HSS) tools
  • Specialized use of burs in the metal excavating process
  • Optimal approaches for various metals
  • Bead, bright, and French cut
  • Multi-sided setting
  • Approaches to classic geometric layout for round, square and circular pave settings
  • Layout for bright cut settings
  • Proper polishing and finishing

Class Project(s)



Stone setting experience is required. Contact GRS for details.



Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.

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