Jewelry & Stone Setting
Advanced Stone Setting on Finished Jewelry

Spend a week with "Johnny Oro" learning the techniques he has mastered and built his career around. Students can expect to learn French set, kasteel set, beaded bezel setting, inside ring engraving, Florentine finish, and more. Knowledge gained in this class will apply to finished jewelry. Students will leave with tips and techniques that will be directly valuable in their work. They will also learn hand sharpening techniques and the creation of specialty tools.

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Course Info

John Sorich IV
2023 Date(s)
Metal Engraving, Jewelry & Stone Setting
Skill Level
Enrollment Type
Open, see prerequisites.


  • French set
  • Kasteel set
  • Florentine finish
  • Inside ring engraving
  • Setting large stone in beaded bezel with bright cut border
  • Extra cuts on French set
  • 0.5mm hand engraved lettering
  • Creating specialty tools
  • Hand sharpening

Class Project(s)

Silver rings

Phosphor bronze plates and rings


Basic Stone Setting, Microscope Experience, GRS pneumatic familiarity, Experienced in graver sharpening, drilling, and bur work.


Please note: Course information subject to change without notice. Example images may not show exact techniques, methods, designs, etc., taught or demonstrated in course.

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