If shopping online or over the telephone just isn’t your style, you can always e-mail or fax your order in to us. With our new, easy-to-use PDF form, you have three options:

1. E-MAIL: Download the form and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Simply click on a line to enter your information. When completed, click the “E-mail” button on the bottom left. You’re done!

2. FAX: Follow step one, but instead of clicking the “E-mail” button, click “Print” on the bottom right. Once your form is printed, fax in your order.

3. FAX: Print your GRS Order form first, fill it out by hand, and then fax it in.

Want to send us an order now? Download the form and get it done today.

Right click and “Save As” to Download the GRS Order Form