Improvements & Adjustability

Do you want to share engraving and stone setting videos of your work in progress with others? It seems simple enough, but positioning a camera to take video at a workbench can be tricky. The camera needs to be close enough to get a good view of the work, but shouldn’t get in the way.

The new GRS Ball Pivot Camera Mount (#003-678) makes it easier to position a camera for that great shot and keeps it out of the way as you work. Unlike the previous camera mount model (#003-687), the new GRS Ball Pivot Camera Mount does not add any length to the microscope focus block. The lightweight camera mount attaches to the stem of the ball pivot on a GRS Acrobat Stand and can be configured on the left or right of the microscope. The installed RAM ball mounting components provide four points of articulation, allowing a wide range of positioning options.

Fits any camera model with a standard 1/4″ x 20 mount capability. Alternative RAM products can be purchased to meet the mounting needs of other devices.