Jeff Parke has a lifetime passion for art in its many forms. Drawing, writing, and music consumed his time and devotion while growing up, but his attention shifted when he began working as a bench jeweler at his brother’s store. He instantly realized he had a knack for jewelry work and fell in love with it.

Jeff sought to learn more and attended courses in hand engraving, fabrication, wax carving, and diamond setting. While learning hand engraving under the talented Jason Marchiafava, Jeff discovered his true passion. He committed all his free time to practicing his new obsession. Private instruction paired with Jeff’s enthusiasm enabled him to learn many techniques during his time with Jason. With his expanded skills, Jeff began getting commissions from knife purveyors and jewelers. Since then, Jeff has also furthered his knowledge by studying with well-known artisans Sam Alfano, Alain Lovenberg, and Alexandre Sidorov.

Jeff now spends most of his time engraving Rolex watches in his signature style. His unique approach and love of the art make him a welcome addition to the GRS Training Center Staff.